Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Penguinquest1 release date

The game engine for Penguinquest1 is mostly completed. The designing of the game (maps, images, etc.) are still being worked on. The plan for release is probably around the end of this summer.
Meanwhile, I am working on Penguinquest2 - I'll probably show a few sample maps (beta 1) sometime this month. :)
(anyone want to draw? I seriously need someone who can draw simple sprites for the game!)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

eggbits 3.0 released

eggbits version 3.0 is out, and as you can probably tell, the page looks a lot different. if you have any suggestions, please email us or post on the forum. also, you may notice that we now have links to Talisman and BattlePac. BattlePac v1.0 has just been released with new improvements. Talisman, on the other hand, is not near completion, as you can see, so we cannot give a release date for that yet. we may decide to scrap it.

as for other game status, Penguin RPG is getting near full version release, but we cannot give a date yet, and look for an exciting new java game after the full version release!

and we might fix eggminton and give a full release with realistic physics and better graphics/gameplay. and multifight - theres no way we are going to do anything with that, it will probably get taken off the site soon.

other than that, make sure to join the forum if you haven't yet, and if you are registered, use it! you can help us out by posting game ideas, graphics, suggestions, and anything else you think we could use. and if you are interested in joining the eggbits staff, we welcome anyone who has a skill we can use, like programming, web page design, graphic design (especially sprites), etc. and we will be updating the old games and animations that were never finished at (you can see eggquest, canvasrpg, and other unfinished projects).

hope you enjoy the new look and new games coming soon!

Friday, May 12, 2006

penguinquest2 screenshot and ideas

screenshot. as you can probably see, it is very very beta, just an idea for what penguinquest2 is like right now. Since I'm really the only person working on this game right now and Mr. PMega is drawing webcomics, ( I need suggestions and ideas!

Does anyone want to suggest features to the game that wasn't in penguinquest or shouldn't be in penguinquest2? If you even want to help me design the game, (like creating maps, picture, etc) you are welcomed to!

Any suggestions, ideas, or wannabe-designers, please email me or post on the forum!
(Also, I'm not going to release a beta until there is penguin pics for the game...anyone who can draw?)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

BattlePac v1.0 Released!

BattlePac is now released! It is much better than the beta version but I won't go into details- go play it yourself here!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PenguinQuest and PenguinQuest2 (edit)

Guess what? PenguinRPG is going to be called PenguinQuest. Ok? Ok.

Since so much people have enjoyed PenguinQuest's Betas, I have decided to start PenguinQuest2. PenguinQuest2 is quite similar to PenguinQuest's Betas (so far), but with gravity and it is full-screen, not browser based that should be able to run on all OS with Java's VM.

Yes, PenguinQuest1 will come out. The main game engine is done, I just need my game developer to create the maps to release it. Many bugs have been fixed, and saving/loading games is no longer a problem on other OS besides Windows.

I will soon send out a screenshot of PenguinQuest2 as soon a few things have been devloped, including the new penguin image is created...(hint hint) and hopefully a very Betaish Beta soon.

tech difficulties

we've been having a bunch of problems with the new flash page, so we're reverting back to eggbits 2 for a while. hopefully we'll get the new one back up soon. meanwhile, enjoy battlepac, penguin, and pacio!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

eggbits 3.0 coming soon

Well, in the past month we've been considering stopping eggbits and maybe working on another project... but we couldn't find any good ideas. We're planning a eggbits 3.0 - a new front page design in flash (make sure to get flash player 8) with better looks and more interactivity. Also, Penguin RPG is coming along very well thanks to Chris, and is near completion of the base engine (hopefully phillip will complete the storyplan and levels soon). Make sure to play the new beta version with bug fixes and game saving at and watch the site for updates! As for flash games, we hopefully will get around to finishing BattlePac soon (it's almost done). So keep checking eggbits and for updates!